This Years Show Will Take Place on 10/08/2024

get-involvedSo – how do you enter the show?

First, take a look at the categories (classes) and see if there’s something that catches your interest.

Have a glance through the rules.

Download an entry form & print it out, or visit one of the local shops to get a copy of the schedule (the centre pages are the complete entry form).

On Friday 5th August 2022, between 1 & 8pm bring your completed form to the Weaverham Community Centre along with your entry fee(s).

Weaverham Library have also kindly agreed to accept entry forms which you can hand in on Monday 1st August between 2 & 7pm.

Entry forms will NOT be accepted on the day so please make sure you enter before the show day!

On Saturday morning 6th August, only bring your exhibits in!*

The Judges will then peruse the exhibits and decide on the winners and places. At 2pm, the Show opens for everyone to come and have a look to see how they did.

If you were placed (1st, 2nd or 3rd) you’ll get a place card & a rosette. Trophies & Cups are awarded at approximately 4pm and you can take your exhibits home after that.

If you’re not sure where you’re going, the map below should help. The community centre is at the junction of Russet Road & Withen’s Lane. There is limited parking available on site and on the street, as well as a large car park at the rear of the Northwich Road shops.

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*Please see the rules for the best time to fetch exhibit in. The general rule is that Quilts must be brought to the centre for hanging on Friday evening, framed art exhibits between 8 & 9.30am on Saturday morning and all other exhibits between 8 & 10.00am.