This Years Show Will Take Place on 10/08/2024


Class  E1     Fruit cake (max 20cm/8” Tin)

Class  E2     Biscuit Crown (max 20cm/8″)

Class  E3     Victoria Sponge (see Rule 16)

Class  E4     Five Scones

Class  E5     Five Decorated cup cakes

Class  E6     Five Chocolate brownies

Class  E7     Fruit pie (max 20cm/8” PlateMay include Rhubarb

Class  E8     Jubilee themed Decorated Cake

Class  E9     Savoury pie, tart or flan (max 20cm/8in)

Class  E10     Any home made loaf of bread

Class  E11   Three home made bread rolls

Class  E12  Pot of home made fruit jam

Class  E13  Pot of home made fruit jelly

Class  E14  Pot of home made marmalade

Class  E15  Pot of home made lemon curd

Class  E16  Pot of home made chutney

Class  E17  Bottle of any liqueur (eg Sloe Gin)

Class E18   Bottle of any fruit cordial

The Community Centre Plate is awarded to the best exhibit E1 – E11 and the K. K. Southern Trophy is awarded to the best exhibit in E12 – E18. Please note the various requirements (tin size, recipe content etc) to avoid disqualification.